What do you need to know??

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If I haven't answered your questions here, please email me at kyliemdexter@gmail.com

Thanks so much for supporting DOLLDRUMS, I apologize for any delays as I sometimes have gallery shows and conventions that have me fall behind some months. Most dolls will be made within 8 weeks of ordering. I don’t want to rush any dolls out so I appreciate you waiting!.
Hang in there, I promise you won’t be disappointed :)
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all!

How long will it take for my doll to arrive?

Approximately 8 weeks

I will put you on the waiting list in order and let you know as soon as your doll is ready.
You don’t have to pay any money until your doll is completed.


How big are the dolls?

Dolldrums dolls are approximately 12″- 14″  tall.



How do I order?

For anyone wanting to order please see the Custom order page and send your name, address and the doll you are after.
All dolls are One of a Kind and any on the website/facebook page are already sold, (let me know if you would like one similar to one on the website).



What about ZombieYou dolls?

Please include photos showing eye/hair colour and any distinguishing features – clothing or hobbies that person likes.
I will make something in clay to go with the doll, e.g. A bowling pin for a bowler ,a dog that looks like their dog – you get the idea, or a food they like).
It can be difficult to make a doll look identical so please remember it is a doll in your “likeness”




How much are Dolldrums dolls?

Standard dolls are USD220 + postage.
Caricature dolls are USD280 + postage (includes pet and accessories).
Each doll comes custom boxed on an agate stand. Please let me know if they are gifts.
Once your doll is complete I will send you an email and also post it on my Facebook page.
You can chose which way you would like to pay. either Etsy, PayPal or bank deposit.


How do I care for my Doll?

Your Dolldrums doll is not meant as a toy or for play. Your new doll is a One of a Kind Art doll intended for display and decoration.
Having made a safe journey home your new doll would appreciate being carefully lifted from THE BASE ONLY.
Please keep your zombie out of direct sunlight.
Dolls are for display only and not safe for children as they have small parts and eat brains.
Always hold your doll from the base. Never lift your zombie doll from the head, zombies are easily decapitated.

How much is postage?

Postage ranges from $8-15 locally in Australia and internationally USD60
pack and track 3-10 day delivery for a single doll – USD20 for each additional doll (if they are packaged in the same box. Individual boxes for gifts will cost more in postage.


How do I know when new Dolls become available?

Please join my instagram page or the mailing list on my blog if you are interested in upcoming dolls.