Custom/Caricature Dolls

Custom dolls currently CLOSED

Custom dolls all one of a kind and made in your likeness.

Please note : due to demand there is a 8 – 10 week waiting list on custom dolls

Please include the following when ordering.

Is this doll a gift?
Email address

For a doll in your likeness please include:

Eye colour
Hair colour
Hobbies or pets to include as clay accessories.
Colour of clothing or  any particular outfit.
Any tattoos/ piercings

Please include at least 1 recent photo

Please add anything you think would be relevant in the creation of your dolldrums.


Dolldrums art dolls are collectable dolls made for grown up boys and
girls and are not intended for children. They  are designed for 120%
cuteness that doesn’t include the touchy feely kinda love  – but
rather the visual kind as you walk by and see
them peering at you from a  shelf above. Zombies heads and limbs are easily
decapitated, so if you don’t  want blood spilt all over your floor then just
leave them to enjoy your surroundings, in a nice peaceful zombie like

REMEMBER be unique like you, not unique like me
Dolldrums dolls are 100% unique to me their maker. I  feel
like my dolls are part of me as it took many years to find something that I
felt didn’t reasonable anyone else’s work and making a unique design.:)
Dolldrums dolls are subject to copyright, I really don’t want to let the zombies
out to find you…..  I hope you find them inspirational as I have
with many other artists before me, but please create your own